The New Literature from Europe festival’s 10-year anniversary celebration will take readers on the road with 9 authors whose writing blurs national boundaries. EU passport holders are in transit, working, traveling, living and functioning easily over most of the continent, and European writers are articulating a new consciousness of this state of motion. Some of these authors are foreigners in their homeland some are at home in a foreign land and some inhabit spaces where borders and populations have shifted. NLE’s authors for 2013 are Erri de Luca, Italy’s most widely read author; award-winning novelist and non-fiction German author Ilija Trojanow; Laurent Binet, author of the internationally acclaimed WWII novel set in Prague, HHhH; leading Czech novelist, Jáchym Topol; up-and-coming Polish journalist based mostly in Turkey, Witold Szabłowski; Romanian writer Daniela Zeca-Buzura, who makes a European connection to the Near East; Spanish writer, Maria Dueñas, who explores the Madrid-Morocco connection during the Spanish Civil War; Romanian-born Hungarian writer, György Dragomán; and Sabine Gruber, an Austrian writer who has been equally at home in Italy. The festival will run from Thurs., Nov. 14 through Sat., Nov. 16, 2013.

Roman Elegy
by Sabine Gruber

The Devil's Workshop
by Jachym Topol

by Laurent Binet

by Ilija Trojanow

This year, the Festival's 10-year Anniversary celebration will take readers on the road with 9 writers from different European countries whose writing blurs national boundaries. Some of these authors are foreign in their homeland and some are at home in a foreign land.

Moderated by Michael Moore.

Hop in a cab with one of the NLE 2013 visiting authors! This mobile event will take spectators on five-minute round trips in groups of three. Authors will read a short excerpt from their book in the original language and briefly chat with the passengers. This event will culminate in a cocktail party, where participants and authors will have a chance to socialize.

CONTACTS: Austrian Cultural Forum Christina Hein (; Czech Center Pavla Niklova (; Cultural Services of the French Embassy Laurence Marie (; Goethe-Institut New York Edna McCown (; Istituto Italiano di Cultura Giovanni Desantis (; Hungarian Cultural Center Gergely Romsics (; Polish Cultural Institute David Goldfarb (; Romanian Cultural Institute Doina Uricariu Instituto Cervantes Marisa Fatàs (

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PARTNER INSTITUTIONS: The festival is organized by the New York branches of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Czech Center, Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Goethe-Institut, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Polish Cultural Institute, Romanian Cultural Institute, and Instituto Cervantes, within the framework of EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture), in collaboration with the Center for Fiction, the New York Public Library, InTranslation (The Brooklyn Rail) and Words Without Borders.