The reason is because the own goal doesn’t count as the Goalscorer bet is connected so the goal made by Pogba earlier will win the game. It means, Pogba is not only becoming the First Goalscorer but also the Last Goalscorer of the game and you will get the money. Meanwhile, the online sports betting in US are so happy to ignore about own goals when they play Goalscorer bets. The only thing that matters is the scoreline during 90 minutes. If you bet on Both Teams to Score and also final, the scoreline is anything started from 1-1 to 100-100. Your bet will win.

In this sports betting, you can win no matter if the goals scored were all own goals. If you bet on the team not to score the goal but after that there is the own goal, then you may lose the bet. Own goal is something unexpected by both teams because it can give the disadvantage for players on the game including you as the gambler. It can ruin everything and you should know how to deal with this kind of situation so you can decide better. Own goal is not so famous compared to other bets because this is something that can’t be seen often on the game.